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Final Two Days to Vote

Don’t forget to vote on the proposed name change for SLA.

Deadline: December 9th

How to Vote:

Overview of Comments Made at Fall Business Meeting Regarding Name Change

Summarized below are some interesting points that were raise.  These are being shared not to sway the vote of Georgia Chapter members in either direction.  It is simply a summary of the thoughts and ideas that emerged in the Fall Business meeting discussion

  • The name change is an attempt to broaden the membership base of the association. By changing to a name that resonates with a larger group of information and knowledge professionals, the Association will be able to grow and sustain itself.
  • While the name change removes the L word from the Association name it does not change the job titles of the individual members. It will not change the roles individual members play in their current organization, nor will it detract from the identity of the individual member who still is associated with a title that contains the word librarian.
  • An interesting alternative to the currently proposed name change would be to retain the current name and simply change the word Special to Specialized. SLA would stand for Specialized Libraries Association. Another option could include Specialized Libraries and Information Professional Association.
  • Most felt that the name change would not impact their decision to remain a member. Most felt that they value the services and opportunities SLA provides.
  • The words Library or Librarian may not represent all of the individuals in the association, but they do have powerful connotations. For the most part, despite silly stereotypes, people outside of the profession view librarians positively. They understand the word librarian and though they may underestimate what a librarian can do for them, they understand the term and have a basic understanding of what to expect when working with a librarian. Some members felt that to lose the name librarian or libraries from the profession would make it more confusing for the users we are trying to serve.

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