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Association and Chapter Governance

I am the Secretary for the Georgia Chapter. I’m in the first year of a two-year term, so you can’t run for the post quite yet.
The secretary’s main responsibilities, just as in any organization, are to keep records of chapter board meetings and to look after the vital records. The chapter archivist looks after inactive records.

The secretary should also be familiar with SLA and chapter governance. All members should at least be acquainted with chapter governance so you can be ready when the Nominating Committee comes calling.

SLA chapters and divisions are all sub-units of the global Association and don’t exist independently so we don’t have any founding charters or Articles of Incorporation of our own to look after.

At one time our chapter had conventional by-laws to keep us operating, but a few years ago SLA decided to change to a style of governing document that was intended to give units more flexibility. So in 2004 we created the rather generically-named Georgia Chapter Governing Document. You can read it on the chapter blog here. Pretty short and simple, isn’t it? As you might guess, running even a sub-unit of an association isn’t always that simple. Our Governing Document has to be read with reference to SLA’s Recommended Practices for Chapters.  It’s 48 pages, which is why I haven’t made a handy pocket-sized reference copy. I do keep a downloaded copy for times when the SLA website may be down, typically on a Sunday night. There’s always a chance the document might have been revised since I last saw it, so try to schedule your important constitutional questions for a time when all SLA services are fully accessible.

Elections for the SLA’s 2013 officers close on Wednesday, make sure your vote is counted.

Irene McMorland

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