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In Search of Our Next Treasurer – It Could Be You!

As treasurer for the past four years, I’ve been watching our finances. And even though we are a non-profit organization with a very basic set of books, our finances have reflected the economic turbulence of the past four years.

We have money. We have never been in debt and we have never been close to the edge, but we have seen changes. We lost members who lost their jobs, sponsors cut back on their contributions and SLA revised their membership dues which provided us with less money from headquarters than in the past.

Like everyone else, we’ve been making do with less. From the start of my two terms, our goal has always been to try to raise money via donations, sponsorships and fees to cover the costs of the program without dipping into the existing funds. We do, however, use those chapter funds to make up the shortfall primarily for programs when needed.

Despite all that, we’ve managed to create a mix of programming that has included nationally known speakers as well as our accessible local experts.

But now, it is time for me to give up the books. The by-laws restrict treasurers to two, two-year terms. So it is time for someone else to take on the position. SLA headquarters handles all required financial reporting, so you don’t have to file any tax returns or other required federal documents. You just send reports to SLA. And as a board member, you can participate in meeting and event planning as much as you want.

A board position is a great way to meet other members of the Georgia chapter and really get to know them. I highly recommend it.  Please contact any member of the board for additional information.

Nancy Snell
Senior Research Analyst, Kurt Salmon

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