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Planning, planning, planning…

As President-Elect I serve as the program planner for the Georgia Chapter while waiting my turn to fill Elisa’s shoes as President.  That includes dreaming up topics, securing venues, rustling up speakers, and helping to get you all excited and wanting to attend our programs.  The first Fall program is a joint one with the Atlanta Law Libraries Association (ALLA).  We will have attendees from the annual conferences of SLA, SEAALL, AALL, and CALI talk about some of the great stuff they learned and make you want to attend next year as well.

I’m working on a collection of great programs for the rest of the fall, including a happy hour or two.  I’m also joining forces with ALLA President-Elect Rebecca Velez to plan another fabulous joint SLA/ALLA Holiday Party.

SEAALL, the Southeastern Chapter of AALL, will be holding its annual meeting in Decatur April 18-20 and SLA members are invited to attend and/or propose programs for the meeting.  As we discover how our jobs are changing with the evolving economy and technology, it is more important than ever that we learn from librarians of all kinds how they do what they do.  You never know when you might need to provide guidance to a patron with a question about law, public company performance, horticulture, or anything in between.  I invite you to propose a program that helps law librarians understand what is so special about your special library and to attend the conference to learn more about everyone else’s very special library.  Proposals are due on October 5.  You can use proposal form in Word or try out the GoogleDocs form.

If you have any questions about programming in general, have a suggestion for what you want to know more about, or want help getting your idea in shape to be a proposal, please email me.

Sarah Mauldin
Head Librarian, Smith Gambrell & Russell


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