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GROW while giving back to the Chapter!

In these days of high unemployment and a more competitive applicant pool, how can you distinguish yourself from other job seekers? Feeling insecure about your current job? Who doesn’t live in fear of being outsourced or downsized?

If you haven’t thought of it, then the Nominating Committee of SLA Georgia Chapter wants YOU to consider boosting your skill set and strengthening your hold on your current job or even positioning yourself for advancement. Let our chapter help YOU to achieve these goals by becoming part of YOUR SLA Georgia Chapter leadership team!

We currently have THREE open volunteer positions and their duties and responsibilities are described below. All terms of office begin on January 1, 2013. If you are interested in joining us or would like to nominate a member, please contact either Ernie Evangelista at  or Joanne Tobin at .

President Elect:

This is a three year term as follows: President-Elect, President and Past President. Though the term begins on January 1, the chapter provides “hands on” training from the current President for the first six months. By July 1 (and until June 30 of the following year), the President-Elect plans chapter programs. This is a great opportunity to use and apply your creativity, planning and organizational skills.

In your second year, as Chapter President, you’ll preside over Board meetings and work with the Board to set budgets, plans and overall direction as well as represent the Chapter at the Leadership Summit and Annual Conference.


This is a two year term with the following responsibilities:

  • Maintain financial records of the Chapter;
  • Prepare, sign and submit required reports to the Association Office accurately and on time;
  • Collaborate with the President to prepare and present the budget at Chapter Board meetings;
  • Collect, deposit and expend funds for the Chapter as requested and authorized by the President;
  • Report on the Chapter’s fiscal condition at Chapter Board meetings;
  • Monitor Chapter fund-raising activities to ensure compliance with Association practices.

Director – Vendor Relations:

The chapter recognized years ago that there was more to this two year position than fundraising.  While finding financial support for our programs is critical, the Vendor Relations Director is expected to:

  • Cultivate relationships with current and potential corporate sponsors;
  • Collaborate with the Chapter Board on long-range planning and handling cash and in-kind contributions;
  • Ensure sponsor recognition for their support of chapter events.

Do NOT be intimidated by these job descriptions! Through the hard work of past administrations, many chapter and Board activities have been systematized and the Chapter Board collaborates so that NO ONE feels like they’re shouldering extra weight.

So, while giving back to your profession, develop or improve skills of great lifetime benefit. Gaining experience in strategic planning, public speaking, marketing, delegating and networking is a PLUS in today’s more complex world. And in the process, you’ll get better acquainted with the diverse and dynamic group that is the SLA Georgia Chapter. So, GROW and come join us.  Our call for nominations closes at NOON, Thursday, November 15.

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