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It’s the Year of the Snake

It’ll practically be February as you read this. And that brings us to the beginning of the Chinese New Year on February 10th.

And that is probably what I should consider as the start of my year as President-elect. Taking on the role of the SLA Georgia chapter comes in many phases. Officially it started January 1st, 2013, but as the 2012 treasurer, I spent the first weeks of January preparing year-end financials.

My first official duty comes up Feb 6th-8th when I’ll be the Georgia representative at the SLA Leadership Summit, the winter planning meeting of national, division and chapter leaders. After that, I will start planning programs for July through May. Several years ago, the Georgia board set up a “school year” timeline for programming. That provides me with some planning time for the first half of the year before I need to produce some programs for the 2013-2014 year. (It won’t actually follow the theme of the Year of the Snake. That would be a twist!)

But interestingly enough, since the Georgia chapter was formed in 1952, we were born in the Year of the Dragon and more specifically in the Year of the Water Dragon. The Water Dragon is known for its ability to balance left-brain logic with right-brain creativity. And that is certainly an excellent description for a chapter as a whole.

So, send me your ideas for program whether left brain or right brain and we’ll work together to produce them.

Nancy Snell
Vice President/President-Elect


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