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Being GREEN as we welcome Spring…

I never regretted leaving New York for library school in Chapel Hill, North Carolina over twenty years ago, especially at this time of year. Despite our “up and down” temperature swings in the last few months, compared to other parts of the country, we had a pretty mild winter. (I think I must have worn my heavy wool coat just a handful of times.) And as vernal equinox passed a few weeks ago, there are signs for spring everywhere.

For those of you with allergies, I wish you luck, but fear not. Fingers crossed that an occasional downpour will wash away accumulated pollen.

I believe that the SLA Georgia Chapter was “green” even before this environmentally conscious movement caught on. Some of you may recall having programs at venues that were MARTA-accessible. We continued this tradition on Saturday, March 16 — the day of our three hour workshop, “Crafting a Personal Brand,” presented by 2012 SLA Fellow and 2013 SLA Maryland Chapter president Chris Olson. Thanks to former chapter president Mary Frances Panettiere who secured space at Georgia Tech’s VERY “green” Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons. Warm and pleasant weather was our reward after learning so much from Chris and each other. (Check out another post for a program report.)

With Earth Day not too far away (Monday, April 22), chapter members should know that our programs strive to minimize our carbon footprint and reduce waste. We accomplished these goals for our workshop in these ways:

1)     We selected a venue accessible by public transportation.

2)     We saved gas by carpooling. One car transported Chris Olson and two workshop registrants to and from Georgia Tech, while another offered rides between campus and the North Avenue MARTA station.

3)     We recycled. Georgia Tech’s Clough Commons has recycling stations throughout the building, so our disposables were separated into trash, paper and plastic.

Thanks to chapter volunteers Lynda Larsen and Sansanee Sermprungsuk and kudos to Chapter President Sarah Mauldin for selecting program venues with mass transit accessibility. If you have ideas for meeting places or Happy Hour networking sites near MARTA, let us know.

Thank you for keeping us green!

Ernie Evangelista

Director, Vendor Relations

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