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Corporate Libraries Metrics Task Force

Provided by member Deanna Hall, originally posted here:

In January, President Deb Hunt convened a Corporate Library Metrics Task Force to respond to the letter to the editor from Deanna Morrow Hall (Information Outlook Nov/Dec 2012, p. 3*).  This letter enumerated the five studies of corporate library value that SLA has funded, and concluded that “– if corporate libraries are still unable to measure and communicate their value to top management, it is not for lack of definition as to how to do it.  Rather, it is the result of a failure of SLA, as their professional organization, to assimilate what is already known, and from this, to create standard templates from which corporate librarians may choose the method(s) most applicable to their individual situations.”  The Task Force is composed of Hall (Chair), former SLA President Ethel Salonen (Mitre Corp.), and Margaret Aby Carroll, PhD (University of North Texas).  Hunt has asked the Task Force to create a “toolkit”, to be completed by June 2013.

Chair: Deanna Morrow Hall
Board Liaison: Marilyn Bromley
Staff Member: Carolyn Sosnowski

Margaret Carroll
Sylvia James
Ethel Salonen

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