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June 2013 SLA Conference Recap

The SLA Annual conference is always stimulating and exhausting as there is so much to do and learn and find out.

Here are a few initial take-aways….

Collaboration, social media, content management, value add, analytics, and big data are all active buzzwords in the industry.  But the key take-away — provide value add through analysis of the data for research and for content by providing the tools needed for collaboration and social media

    • Social media
      • Each channel is different; learn audiences for each
      • That means that you do not send the same message to each channel
    • Measuring ROI
      • Focus on outcomes and correlations; use stories to highlight results not as part of results
      • Create metrics via usage reports. You can create a visualization of network use over time, surveys and/or case studies to build a ROI picture
    • Knowledge management
      • KM is 90% people and 10% technology.
      • Use technology as a tool to find a solution, do not find the technology and create a use for the tool or make people fit into the tool
      • Let your users drive your technology needs
    • Research
      • Change the perception of the information center from a passive source into an active source of information and education and analysis


Nancy Snell SLA-GA Vice President

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