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Why I Belong to SLA


By June Hauck, Georgia Chapter Treasurer, 2013-1014

I first joined SLA in the 1980’s when I was working at a pharmaceutical company technical library in Michigan.  Several of my work colleagues were members of the local chapter, so I joined as well.  Our chapter met several times a year, except for the winter months when travel conditions could be iffy.  I greatly enjoyed getting to know the other librarians in the chapter, leaning about their situations, and picking up tips.  I became quite active in the chapter, eventually filling just about every office from Bulletin Editor to President.    I dropped out in the 1990’s when I was raising my kids and did not rejoin again until 2004 when I relocated to Georgia.

In my new work situation, I fulfilled information duties, but was not part of a library or information center.  Being isolated from the information community spurred me to re-engage with SLA, and I rejoined and became part of the Georgia Chapter.    I find it stimulating to attend local and national meetings to get re-energized and pick up tips.  Recently, I attended the Pharmaceutical and Health Division meeting and learned about a new option in contracting for global licenses for journal content.  Upon returning from the meeting, I explored this option and by implementing it, was able to save my department tens of thousands of dollars in copyright fees.  This made management very happy and was a fantastic return on the investment of attending the meeting.  Hurray for SLA!

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