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The “school year” begins

The school year has begun and while all of us are not in the academic arena, we each do still have a bit of the school schedule in our day-to-day lives.

The SLA year is based on the January through December calendar year. However, we do some things based on the school year.  For example, the President-Elect is responsible for programming, but s/he assumes that responsibility in mid-year or rather the school year in order to ease her/him into the program planning process.

The start of the school year also reminds us that our Chapter Board election looms ahead. For 2015, we’ll be electing a new President-Elect, treasurer and a director.

Taking on a board position is a great way to participate in the SLA Georgia chapter.  It offers networking opportunities, a greater understanding of the organization, a way to develop leadership skills and an avenue for developing the programs you want.

The past few years have been transitional for SLA at both the national and local levels. While SLA headquarters staff and the SLA Board of Directors have researched alternatives to the current division and chapter models, we’ve been focused on how to strategically meet the needs of our chapter members.

In September 2013, SLA Georgia tapped our SLA Fellows to facilitate a series of focus group meetings with Atlanta based members – asking for their input, thoughts and desires.   Now, we intend to poll our non-Atlanta membership for their feedback on chapter programs and events.  And gradually as time and resources allow, we are working to implement the lessons learned from those sessions.

It is an ongoing process as our membership evolves and changes as it has since the chapter was formed in 1952.

I’ve served as Membership Director, Treasurer, President-Elect and now President.  Next year, I’ll be the Past President – serving in a role designed to provide continuity and keep organizational knowledge in place.  It’s been rewarding and eye-opening, eye-opening because I’ve realized how much of SLA is driven by its volunteer officers and its members who keep the national and the local chapters alive.

Help us keep it going by taking on a board position, suggesting program ideas, offering your office or library as a program location or simply by participating in our events.

Nancy Snell

2014 Georgia Chapter President





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