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Investing in Yourselves: Supporting SLA

Today’s technologies foster, celebrate and reinforce “living in the moment”. Using our mobile devices, we can share photos and updates on where we are and what we’re doing. We can comment on what others are sharing with us. No more waiting. It’s instantaneous.

We are busier than ever in our multitasking world. With so much competing for our attention and time, I offer a value proposition for your supporting SLA Georgia. We provide in-person opportunities for members, supporters and others to develop new skills and connect with information professionals throughout the Peach State. So, attending Chapter events is the EASIEST way for Chapter support. Our events are generally free to members or cost a nominal fee.

If you’re looking to develop specific skills, the Chapter offers numerous opportunities for you to apply what you’ve learned or would like to. Here’s how.

Are you ENTREPRENEURIAL? Or would you like to be? Treasurer Rebecca Gebhardt’s exploring new approaches for fundraising.

Are you TECH SAVVY and ACTIVE on social networks? Communications Director Lynda Larsen’s looking to expand the chapter’s presence beyond our web site.

Need to develop writing and blogging skills? Lynda’s searching for “reporters” to cover chapter events. Or you can contribute an article or commentary on any information industry topic for our web site.

Are you an event planner at heart? Are you up on the latest trends in the information industry or just naturally CURIOUS? Would you like to develop or improve public speaking skills? President-Elect Meg Butler’s looking for ideas, speakers, hosts and venues for future chapter programs.

Are you FOCUSED on the “BIG PICTURE’? Then consider joining Past President Nancy Snell’s workgroup to update the Chapter’s strategic plan.

Are you a “PEOPLE PERSON”? Or would you like to hone your interpersonal skills? Directors Anne Bao and Patti Schminke could use your help, so hop on board our “Welcome Wagon.”

Our Chapter Officers page provides contact information, so please reach out to the team leads above with your interest. If you don’t relate to any of these professional development opportunities, then let ME know what you’re interested in or what skills you’d like to learn or improve. I’m sure we can match your need with a Chapter project. Or to make things really easy, just complete this ONLINE volunteer interest form.

No worries if you’d rather not volunteer, BUT if we contact you for assistance, please don’t turn us away. We’re restructuring our volunteer assignments to be SHORT-TERM with clear dates and specific goals in mind. So, apply the SAM (Someone asked me) principle and say YES when called upon.

The result: A great return on your volunteer investment and win-win outcomes for yourselves and the chapter.

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