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July 2015 SLA Georgia President Update

A Lesson from the River 

Specific dates vary, but I learned that the “Dog Days of Summer” run from early July to as late as after Labor Day. According to one web source, this period coincided with the “conjunction of Sirius, “the dog star” and the sun. 

This year, my dog days began by traveling to Boise, Idaho and then to Salmon to begin a six day, five night rafting trip down the Salmon River. It’s been years since I last rafted a river and I was not a Boy Scout growing up. This was an “off the grid” vacation: No Internet connections and no electricity. We slept in tents and our guides cooked meals over camp fires. Despite these rugged conditions and my fear of the unknown (or maybe too much nature?), it was a FANTASTIC trip that I’d do again in a heartbeat! The exhilaration of paddling the rapids and exploring nature’s beauty were so worth the time to get to Idaho. 

A family of five made up the rest of our eight person group and included an nine year old girl on her first river trip. Our lead guide quickly took her under her wing. I watched them work on firm handshakes while locking in eye contact. Our guide encouraged her not to be afraid as she leapt off the boat into the calm waters of the river during an afternoon break. By the end of the trip, our shy city girl looked like she had fins! She personified my lesson learned on this trip: To take chances and step out of our “comfort zones.” 

It’s in this context that I’m asking SLA Georgians to try new things as SLA members. Here’s how. 


Chapter Communications

Last month, we learned that nearly one-third of our members are not subscribed to the Chapter email list and almost all were not subscribed to Chapter web site alerts. To make sure you keep current on news and events, members were subscribed to both communication channels. You have the option to decline subscription confirmations and you can unsubscribe at any time, but the Chapter Board hopes that you won’t. And if you’d really like to interact with the Chapter, consider creating a WordPress account so that you can post comments to our web site! For members reluctant to use social media, this is an easy way for you to dip your toes – the Chapter’s Facebook page is active, so like us and interact with us. I just joined over the weekend! 


Chapter Events

Two of three upcoming chapter programs were suggested by members, so we hope you’ll attend. 

Monday, August 10, 12:30 – 2:00 pm, Lupton Hall, Oglethorpe University

Chris Vinson, Head of Library Technology at Clemson University, will update his 2014 SLA Annual Conference presentation on the Open Parks Network, a digital initiative. Thanks to Crawford Media, we’ll end the program with a reception, so we hope you’ll stay and network with members of the Society of Georgia Archivists (SGA) and Metro-Atlanta Library Association (MALA), our co-hosts. Please register by cob Tuesday, August 4! 

Wednesday, September 23, Noon – 1:00 pm, Midtown Atlanta

Save this date! 2003-2004 SLA President Cindy Hill will be our Fall 2015 Lunch Speaker. With SLA at a crossroads, come hear what Cindy thinks and participate in our discussion of how to keep SLA viable in today’s information environment.  

Wednesday, October 28, Noon – 1:00 pm, Seyfarth, Shaw, Midtown Atlanta

You’ve heard the terms, but do you really know what embedded librarians are and what they do? Members Barbara Kahn-Aiken at Coca-Cola and George Peckham-Rooney at Seyfarth, Shaw will demystify this concept and tell us how they’ve put it into practice! You’re welcome to bring lunch to this FREE program for SLA Georgia members!


While we can’t guarantee that these SLA Georgia experiences will be adrenaline rushes like Class IV rapids, we hope you’ll step outside your personal and professional “comfort zones” to take advantage of these learning and networking opportunities.  


Other SLA News

SLA Election: Ensure that your voice is heard. Before voting in the SLA election, share your questions and concerns with candidates by posting them on this Google form. 

Consultant Recommendations: What an exciting time to be an SLA member! If you haven’t already done so, take time to review the Board-Revised Recommendations received from its consultants as well as the Road Map for the Future of SLA 


Lastly, there’s great rafting in north Georgia and North Carolina, so let me know if you’re up for paddling down a river sometime!



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