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Member Profile: In His Own Words – George Peckham-Rooney

George Peckham-Rooney works at Seyfarth, Shaw as Immigration Data and Operations Specialist. On Wednesday, October 28, George and Seyfarth, Shaw will host our last Lunch and Learn program of the year on embedded librarians. Here’s more about George:


1) How long have you been a librarian at your current employer?

I have been working for my current employer for the past five years.

2) What is your title and what are you main job responsibilities?

Data and Operations Specialist: I help manage the immigration department’s practice database, lead group administrative staff, and coordinate many group operations. I oversee cataloging in the database and pull regular reports for clients and internal stakeholders. I also interact with users and vendors to troubleshoot our practice-wide systems, deploy system updates to bring new features to team members and train internal and external users on the system both in person and via webinar.

3) What other libraries have you worked in and what were some of your major achievements there?

I have worked at the NASA Center for AeroSpace Information and the Center for Media and Child Health. In both instances, I cataloged documents and helped build their respective taxonomies: reworking the complete taxonomy for the Center of Media and Child Health, and submitting terms for inclusion at the NASA Center for AeroSpace information.

4) Why did you become a librarian?

I became a librarian to help people. I love connecting users with information/resources and helping them solve problems.

5) What are the challenges you see facing information professionals and special libraries today?

Libraries and librarians face an environment where their value is questioned and have to fight against an outdated public image.

6) What ideas do you have for overcoming these challenges?

Librarians need to promote their value within the organization. Rather than operating on a model of information scarcity, librarians need to add value through providing context and analysis to the information they deliver to users (providing information on the best sources, understanding users’ information needs etc.) Furthermore, librarians need to leverage their skills outside the library to aid other departments within the organization (such as marketing and business development), which shows their value and lets them understand users within the organization.

7) What advice would you give new entrants to our profession?

Librarianship is changing. Being a librarian is about information and not so much the container that information comes in. Be curious, be adventurous, and above all be not afraid to think big and upset convention.

8) When you’re not at work, what are you interests and hobbies?

I enjoy reading about technology, economics and human-computer interaction in-between spending time with my amazing wife and two young children.

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