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SLA-GA Spring Luncheon Recap – Taking a Deep Dive into Social Media with Tracy Z. Maleeff

Editor’s note: The following post is submitted by Meg Butler, 2017 SLA-Georgia Chapter Past President.

The 2017 Annual Meeting for our chapter featured Tracy Z. Maleeff of Sherpa Intelligence, who addressed attendees in her program “Taking a Deep Dive into Social Media.” Cadence Group sponsored the Annual Meeting program at Hudson Grille Midtown, with Chad Damerell providing a brief overview of the services that Cadence Group provides to libraries. A great group of members as well as other professionalsjoined the meeting.

SLA-GA members watch presentation by Tracy Z. Maleeff.
Folks enjoyed socializing and a meal, as well as Maleeff’s presentation. Stephen Sherman, SLA-Georgia President, ably handled the business portion of the meeting, allowing the attendees to focus on the presentation.

Maleeff briefly discussed her career path, describing her trajectory from law librarian to expert in searching and security. Then she jumped into the meat of the program. She noted that the root of all heartache is expectation, and then explained why social media searching is so painful. Social media is not built as a search engine.

She noted that platforms may have a variety of purposes including networking, publishing, sharing, messaging, collaborating. Each platform has an age demographic sweet spot. Maleeff worked through several examples of searching. She asked a few questions, identifying the “smarties” in the audience and sharing candy with those who knew some information about searching social media. An example of one question was whether one can search Twitter without logging in.

If you have not used Twitter lists, Maleeff described them as files in a drawer – resources to go to on demand. She noted that there are public lists and private lists. Sometimes Twitter users can review lists for companies to learn company information or to gain other competitive intelligence advantage. She noted that following Twitter lists may not be something that remains private.

SLA-GA members watch presentation by Tracy Z. Maleeff.
Other social media resources addressed included Nuzzel news aggregator, Storify, LinkedIn, FaceBook, and Instagram.

At the question and answer portion of the meeting, some of the audience questions turned to issues of security. Given the proximity in time to the ‘WannaCry’ ransomware, Maleeff discussed the varying types of hackers. She addressed other questions about security as time allowed. Recommendations included using two-factor authentication when possible and using strong, long, and unique passwords.

The audience was engaged and interested throughout.

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